VSAT is an earthbound station used in satellite communications of data, voice and video signals. VSAT service is applicable to sites that are not able to be reached by any physical cable for the means of any IP network. Normally, bandwidth given by VSAT will be very small, as low as only 32kbps.

A true IP based application can even be carefully deployed using the means of VSAT, where the bandwidth given and the satellite latency are very critical issues.


Current Range of Products

LCD Projectors

P1SD PT-LB50_Brochure
PT-LB60-55 (2)(1)

Conference Recording Speakerphone System

KX-TS730 Conference Phone(1)

Laser Facsimiles

KX-FL613ML Fax(1)
KX-FP343MLW Fax (2)(1)_Page_1 KX-FP363MLW Fax(1)
UF-4100 Fax (2)(1)
UF-6100 Fax (2)(1)

Electronic Board (Panaboard)

panaboard UB Series Metalic(1)

VoIP Threats in Malaysia

The ignorance of many CIOs on VoIP integration have allow many different kind of VoIP adaptations in Malaysia which will open up a heaven for hackers and the next biggest VoIP virus attack ......


Many Faces of VoIP Applications

If your VoIP service providers is not telling you all they know, then they are not sharing. We are here to share with you our experiences because we believe every one have the rights to communicate.

The idea of conducting all your telephone calls over the public Internet and avoiding high long distance charges from the Telco in the process is an attractive one for any budget-conscious CIO. However, voice quality and reliability have been big issues for the most VoIP services, adding to the different kind of VoIP vendors in the market, kept many organizationsí CIOs a little confuse in discovering the best VoIP products or solutions which best suites the organizationís requirements.