Deployment of IP Communication Server / IP PBX based on Asterisk Platform

Why Asterisk compares to conventional IP PBXs? With Asterisk you will have

  • The usage for unlimited among of IP Phones / Softphone like extensions because it is an open source platform. No more licenses involved. Hence, you have the freedom.
  • Cost effective because no additional telephone cabling is required. The IP phones share the LAN (Local Area Network).
  • Cost saving because no need to buy expensive expansion board for future increase of IP extensions.
  • Asterisk is versatile and modifiable to work with a vast array of hardware. Conventional IP PBXs will only compatible with the same brand.
  • Asterisk server is ready for SIP Trunk. This allows International (World Wide) real number to be routed to your Asterisk server. Conventional IP PBXs is only for Point-to-Point VoIP calls.
  • Asterisk allows module for Fail2Ban like firewall to block telephony hackers. Conventional IP PBXs rely on additional Firewall equipments.

Asterisk features also include

  • It comes with a voice logger/CDR for all IP phones/softphones.
  • It comes with voice mail system for all the IP phones/softphones.
  • It has Conference Bridge where multi-locations conference party calls are able to be made and you may have different conference room.
  • It can be registered to any smartphone with SIP clients and therefore convert the smartphone to an IP extension. Hence, you might have an extension even though you are not in the office or traveling internationally. 
Asterisk + PBX

From RM500, you can have a full IP PBX system

for multiple SIP trunks and 48 IP Extensions to

beyond 1,000 IP Extensions.

Asterisk PBX - Flash